person holding beans in dark room
person holding beans in dark room

Welcome to the future of coffee roasting

Simonezzi Coffee Lounge - official distributor of Sandbox Smart in the Baltics

Here's what our customers say

"I simply enjoyed all the process this company provided to me. It had been easy, smooth, confident journey from order to my kitchen. Now I enjoy my time with coffee even more!"-

 - Johan Persson, Sweden

"I adore how this company cares about their clients. I had struggles with ordering and wandered about warranties - they nailed it! Now I'm confident I can trust them!

- Timo Sepp, Estonia

"I dreamed about Sandbox Smart Home roaster. Then I saw this page. Then I connected with them. Then I ordered. Now I'm happy client, roasting only my own perfect coffee at home!

- Marjatta Virtanen, Finland